Who are we?  We are a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the mental health and wellness of the Berthoud community.  The Berthoud Run/Walk Club is run by volunteers from the local community. The purpose of an annual run/walk event (Fall Family Fun Run/Walk) is to make the community more aware of our organization, engage the community in an event that is physically active, and to give the proceeds to the Berthoud schools to further promote health and wellness.  A portion of the proceeds is dedicated to supporting the Berthoud High School cross country team.


The mission of The Berthoud Run/Walk club is to improve the health and wellness of the Berthoud community by increasing frequency of running and/or walking and promoting healthy lifestyles.


The long-term vision of the Berthoud Run/Walk club is that Berthoud become a model community in which walking, running, and other healthy lifestyles are valued and practiced by Berthoud citizens. Opportunities for running, walking and healthy lifestyles for all Berthoud residents will be created by the Berthoud Run/Walk Club and supported by local government, worksites, schools, health care and the overall community.


Every year we organize a 5k fun run/walk event in September and the proceeds go to the Berthoud schools.  We have raised approximately $15,000 over the past 8 years to support health and wellness in the Berthoud schools and provide much needed resources for the Berthoud Cross Country Team.